How it works

In a FREE Lottery Pool, the lottery tickets for the pool are purchased with advertising revenue generated from website or sponsored by site admin. All members who are registered in the pool share the same FREE ticket(s).

Unlike all of the other free lottery pool sites that only share profit if the jackpot wins (let's just say - never), our poll members receive payouts when occur ANY wins (even $1 !)

Terms & Conditions

  1. No wagering or gambling takes place on this site. Our pool is free to join and play for anyone 18 years or older. All participants are responsible for adhering to their own local, State, and Federal laws, or the laws within their respective country.
  2. Tickets are posted prior to every drawing. Results are 100% verifiable.
  3. 49% from ANY wins will be distributed to pool members in their Lottosurfers.Club accounts , according they own PoolShares
  4. you will NEVER have to pay money out of your pocket or be asked for a credit card to receive your winnings.
  5. In the event of a Top Tier Jackpot win all registered participants in the winning pool will be required to present valid identification to verify name, age and address. Payments above $ 1000 will only be made by bank wire

here is an example...

...if site shared ticket have main numbers 13,19,23,28,35 and 2,4 Euro numbers for drawing on 2020-03-27
..and pool members for this drawing are :

# 15
# 215.6
# 333
Pool shared ticket wins is 165 kr (Norwegian krone) with 3+0 here
SUM (PoolShares) is 5+15.6+33 = 53.6
1 Norwegian krone was worth 0.095186 USD on 2020-03-27 here
1 PoolShare for this pool worth = (0.49 * 165 *0.095186) / 53.6 = 0.143578 USD
and mebers will be credited as follow:
memberPoolShares * 0.143578 credited USD
# 15 * 0.1435780.71789
# 215.6 * 0.1435782.23982
# 333 * 0.1435784.73807
Why Norwegian krone ? this is simply because the admin and site owner lives in Norway :)